Antarctic Digital Database Version 6.0

Welcome to the SCAR Antarctic Digital Database Version 6.0

The SCAR Antarctic Digital Database (ADD) is a seamless compilation of topographic data for the continent of Antarctica to 60°S. The SCAR ADD consists of geographic information layers including coastline, ice-shelf grounding line, rock outcrop, elevation data and human-presence features such as Research Station locations.

It is derived from a wide variety of sources and aims to provide the best currently available data in Antarctica. All data are provided at the original scale of the source data and as generalised data suitable for smaller map scales of 1:1 million and 1:10 million. Users should note that the resolution of the original data varies widely, with source data ranging from 1:10,000 scale maps to much coarser sources.

The ADD is available free of charge for all uses. All users wishing to download data must register for use of the ADD and accept the terms of the license and disclaimer. Personal details given in the registration process will not be passed to third parties, and will only be used to contact users in the event of upgrades and improvements to the service, and in statistical analyses to support and improve the ADD.

The ADD is managed by British Antarctic Survey on behalf of the copyright holder, the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research.